Providing Customized Neuropsychological & Psychological Evaluations
Since 2008

At Johnson Neuropsychology we are passionate about neuropsychological evaluations. We specialize in evaluating individuals 2 years old through senior adult. Our evaluations cover a wide range of conditions such as developmental delays, autism, ADHD, traumatic brain injury, complex medical and neurological problems, emotional-behavioral disorders, brain injuries, dementia and various neurodegenerative disorders.

Evaluating Brain Functions

We use standardized evaluation methods to assess functioning.

  • Neuropsychological Evaluations
  • Psychological Evaluations
  • Independent Educational Evaluations
  • Pre-surgery Evaluations
  • FAA Pilot and ATCS Evaluations
  • MMPI test for security license (Level 3 Commissioned Security Officer and Level 4 Personal Protection Officer)

Conditions We Commonly Evaluate

Developmental Delays

Autism Spectrum Disorder


Alzheimer’s Dementia


Traumatic Brain Injury

Learning Disabilities

Memory Impairment

Meet Our Team!

Kim Johnson, Psy.D., LSSP


Deborah Lowe, Ph.D.

Neuropsychologist - Adult/Geriatric

Amy McMahan, Ph.D., LP, LSSP


Looking To Schedule an Evaluation?

We provide the individualized attention and care you deserve – no “one size fits all” evaluations here. Our evaluations are customized for each individual to identify specific dysfunction that may be responsible for behavior, mood, or thinking problems.